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 Sparring Rules

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Aroku Hatake

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PostSubject: Sparring Rules   Sat Jan 17, 2009 7:19 pm

When sparring, there should be no godmodding. You can only say you attempted to hit your opponent. You can say that you hit them. You can dodge up to three times before being hit. But if your opponent uses three or more jutsus, then your hit. Example:

Aroku looked at his opponent with a blank stare. This guys pretty good. So far he dodged all my attacks, and I'm running out of chakra. I don't think I can go much longer. I have to activate it. Aroku, not wanting to do it, activated his Sharigan. Aroku then started doing a string of hand signs. After he did the last one, he started charging chakra into his hand in the form of lightning. He then started running towards his opponent with great speed. " CHIDORI!!" He shouted, attempting to hit his opponent with the jutsu.
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Sparring Rules
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