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In Naruto Revolution, you can create your own Ninja and live your own life as a Ninja with them.
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 Clan Creation Template

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Aroku Hatake

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PostSubject: Clan Creation Template   Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:05 pm

Kekkei Genkai: If any.
Clan History:
Native Village:
Clan's enemy: If any.
Clan alliances: If any.
Clan symbol:
Clan weapon: For clans who have special weapons only.
Clan jutsus:

[b][u]Kekkei Genkai:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Clan History:[/b][/u]
[b][u] Native Village:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Clan's enemy:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Clan alliances:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Clan symbol:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Clan weapon:[/b][/u]
[b][u]Clan jutsus:[/b][/u]
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Clan Creation Template
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